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Criminal defense to protect your future

If you've been faced with criminal charges, the potential consequences could be devastating. If convicted, you could be sentenced to years behind bars and astronomical bail amounts or fines. To make matters worse, your criminal record will have a lasting effect on your life and the lives of those who surround you.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in your case. I've spent over 40 years defending the rights of those whose futures are on the line. I can help you pursue a reduced sentence or a dropped charge.

Whether you've experienced charges of assault, drugs, or a DWI, I have the knowledge and resources to help you find a solution. I've served clients with charges just like yours throughout the Comanche, Texas, area. Reach out now, and tell me—Christopher S. Till—how I can provide you with the dedicated legal defense you deserve.

Since 1978, I've earned a reputation as a trusted source of legal guidance in criminal defense. I proudly represent clients in Comanche, Hamilton, Brownwood, and Stephenville. Call today to request a consultation.


Having spent over 40 years in the legal space, I have the knowledge necessary to help you move forward in your life.


It's easy to feel defeated during the legal process. I'm here to help you feel better and put things in a brighter perspective.


No matter what case you bring into my office, I will do everything possible to help you reach a favorable result.

Probate services that honor your loved one

Probate—the process through which estate assets are transferred after death—can be a serious source of tension among families. A probate attorney can help you navigate probate laws and make sure your loved one's wishes are fulfilled as they would have wanted.

As your legal partner in the probate process, I will ensure your loved one's estate is administered according to his or her wishes. You shouldn't have to grieve more than you already have; turn to a professional for probate assistance. I'll guide you through the ins and outs of the process.

When tasked with your case, I will fight to make sure your loved one's rights are protected. By working with a professional, you're seeing to it that the deceased's final requests are being fulfilled.

For over 40 years, I have helped countless clients administer the estates of their family members. If you need a compassionate probate attorney in Comanche, Texas, or in the nearby areas of Hamilton, Brownwood, and Stephenville, contact my office today, and request a consultation of your case.