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Assault Attorney in Comanche, Texas

Depending on the severity of the alleged assault at issue, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. While the felony charge will impact your future in a very different way, both are serious and need to be handled appropriately. Putting a dedicated criminal defense lawyer by your side is essential to protecting your rights when charged with any kind of assault in Texas.

Based in Comanche, I, Christopher S. Till, help those facing criminal charges. Call my office if you have any questions. You may also schedule a consultation online.

Building a Solid Defense for All Types of Assault and Battery Charges in Texas

As an experienced criminal attorney, I know what steps need to be taken to build a strong assault defense case against your charges. I also fully understand the different situations that can give rise to an assault charge, including:

  • Road rage

  • Bar fights

  • Disputes with a family member

  • Sporting events and more

It doesn't matter where your alleged assault originated, the penalties will still be severe. Allow me to protect your rights and build a case to minimize the jail time and fines that you could face.

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What Can Elevate Charges from A Misdemeanor to Felony Assault?

There are many aggravating factors that can raise your misdemeanor simple assault charge to a felony aggravated assault. Some of those include how much damage was done to the alleged victim if the assault was considered a hate crime, whether or not a weapon was used, and whether or not the person could defend him or herself.

You can also be charged with a felony if the person you are assaulting is a police officer. No matter what level of criminal offense you are facing, you can rely on the experience and dedication of my firm to help you through the court process.

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