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Personal Injury Attorney in Comanche, Texas

If you have been injured in a car accident or you are the survivor in a wrongful death claim, you have serious questions about your future. At my Comanche law office, I am dedicated to helping my neighbors find solutions during their most difficult times. In every case I handle, I strive to treat my clients the same way I would want to be treated. That means making sure you have access to the medical care you need and the financial compensation you deserve.

Helping Neighbors Find Solutions

Contact Christopher S. Till Today. There are a lot of concerns that follow any personal injury. You will have to deal with insurance companies, and while many people say they are on your side, it can be hard to know who to trust. With an experienced attorney on your side, you can make sure you understand your rights and options.

Injured in an Accident?


From my Comanche law offices, I will deal with your insurance company, so you can heal. I will provide you with the personal attention you deserve throughout the process because I believe that no injured person should be ignored. Whether your injuries are big or small, I represent Texas personal injury victims who have been hurt in a number of accidents, including:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: From car and truck accidents to motorcycle accidents, I help drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who have been hurt due to negligence.

  • Defamation & Privacy: Your name and reputation have taken a lifetime in the making. I help you protect your name and your privacy. I also pursue damages against those that injure your name or invade your privacy.

  • Wrongful Death: Nothing is harder than unexpectedly losing a loved one. With questions about your family's future, you are looking for answers. I can help you through this difficult time and make sure your family is protected.

  • Other Personal Injury Claims: If you have sustained a serious injury in any type of accident, it is time to find out more about your rights and options.

In addition to protecting your rights in court and dealing with your insurance company, I will also handle any property damage claims related to your personal injury.

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Located in the Old Comanche County Jail, my office is open weekdays from 8 to 5. I am here to help you during this difficult time and make sure you have access to solutions. Contact me today for a free initial consultation.