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DWI Defense Attorney in Comanche, Texas

It does not matter if this is your first drunk driving offense or if you have been charged before, the consequences are severe in Texas. Putting an experienced lawyer in your corner is essential to minimize the penalties you are up against.

Contact me, Christopher S. Till, for help through any drunk driving charges you may be facing. You can email me to schedule a consultation or call my firm.

Fighting Your DWI Penalties

The penalties for driving while intoxicated in Texas are not to be taken lightly. They can include:

  • Jail time of 180 days or more depending on the circumstances of your case

  • Fines of $2,000 or more

  • Increased insurance costs

  • Community service

  • Driver's license suspension

  • Driver's license surcharge

Do not hesitate to put my law firm in your corner in order to minimize or even eliminate any of the above. I will conduct a thorough investigation of your case in order to protect your rights at all turns.

Comprehensive Legal Service


Holding The Police
Accountable for Their Mistakes

If a police officer does not perform his or her duties according to the law, your charges can possibly be reduced or even completely dropped. I will analyze every aspect of your charges, from whether or not the officer had probable cause to pull you over to whether your sobriety tests were properly administered.

You can rely on me for solid criminal defense against your DWI charges.

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